Tuesday, January 3, 2012

padah mulut puake..

hoho..its been quite a while since last time i post something on my blog..so called busy with university life..haha..ok2..back to main topic..

since its already a new year..and like everybody else..i have a new resolution this year around..never have the guts to do it for years, so now i'm back on track..hahaha...so my new year resolution would be berhijrah to be a better person, insyaallah much better..pass my finals with flying color and try to control my anger(i had a minor problem(a tiny one) managing my anger..haha)..

so since that moment i've been trying to control myself, especially my mouth which is quit challenging at first because i used to say whatever i want and it doesn't matter to who..and i really though its going to be easy peasy but then again disaster strikes..

i went out with my classmates to have dinner yesterday..as we were talking and laughing and being sarcastic to each other, something bad happen...i mean really bad..it slipped out from my mouth to one of my friends..i said "at least aku tak macam ko..dah ludah jilat balik.."(doesn't matter what you're up to but DO NOT talk to your friends like i did..again..DO NOT!!)...YA ALLAH!!what on earth was i thinking?!

i thought he was okay with that..but then he updated his status on facebook..oh my!oh my!what have i done?!he's offended..and i'm the one who caused it..dem!!

so moral of the story..DO NOT say things the way you want..think about what others feelings..

so to my friend who i said that to yesterday...i really am sorry...i really don't know how to express my regret for saying those things to you..you've helped me a lot and i shouldn't say that even for a joke..please..just don't be mad at me..i know i did something stupid and there's nothing i can do to turn it all around..i really truly am sorry..='(..friend?

p/s : sorry to my umi and ayah too..and to my big brother too..i know i shouldn't act like small kids who gets upset when you don't buy them toys they wanted..but i'm just upset with what happen..and you do know that i don't like being lied to..i really am sorry..
(can only post it on blog because of my ego..huhu)

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